15 December 2012

A Dangerous, Growing Problem in Our Country:

Friends, we've got to do something.  
Too many heartbreaking mass incidents in this nation have left us all less safe.  There are too many of them out there, and several are in the hands of those who have no business owning one.  Some of us acquire them legally, but far too many are stolen and traded, or disassembled and their parts traded/sold on a black market.

The main problem is that people think they've got some kind of right to own one, forgetting that it's first a responsibility.  I understand they're "tools," but unlike other tools such as hammers or saws, these seem to keep harming people.  The worst part is that some people feel the bigger it is, the safer they are.  We all know they've gotten safer in the last 100 years, but they will never be 100% safe.  Yes, there are deaths due to accidents, but some deaths happen when an unlicensed person got a hold of one illegally, or misused one, or used one while angry. Innocent kids have died simply because a parent forgot about the potential threat.

Another problem is that it's glorified by video games and by the media.  Children are desensitized from a very young age, and many times aren't taught about the dangers of misuse.  They can even buy them as toys!  What does this teach children about something that can so easily become a deadly weapon?  Sure, there's age requirements, but how many of you know someone who messed around with one while under the legal age?  Sometimes irresponsible parents even encourage the behavior!

Yes, there are laws in every state limiting who can and can't get one.  Yes, there are regulations on their sale and licensing.  But what has that accomplished?  Every single day there are more deaths, and unfortunately it is sometimes on a massive scale.  Innocent people are hurt or killed.  

Friends, we've got to do something, anything!  We've got to get these cars off the roads.

Note: I do not own a gun.  I have no intention of ever owning a gun. I don't like them. Some of the arguments out there both for and against guns have left me dumbfounded.  The problem is when the wrong person gets his hands on them, as with cars, or explosives, or Sudafed (used to create Meth).  I seriously wonder what we can/will do about that in our country, and am of course extremely angry about the senseless loss of young life at the school in Connecticut.