28 October 2011

As If You've Seen A Ghost:

I have never (to my knowledge) seen a ghost. I don't know that I've heard one. However, I do know several otherwise normal friends who firmly believe they've interacted with the supernatural. Therefore, I believe that there must be something to their stories.

Do they have active imaginations, or is there something creepier to blame?

I'm sure everyone here has seen a Ghost Photograph. Generally, this consists of a photograph of a graveyard with weird lights, or a shadowy face in a window of a rambling old house. These days I'm reluctant to trust ghost photographs because PhotoShop is so user-friendly.

Then an idea struck me - what about antique or vintage ghost photographs?

Here are some that I've found. Sometimes double exposure could be the cause, but there are others where such an explanation doesn't make sense.

Look in the back seat.

Famous old ghost photograph of "Brown Lady of Rayham"

This one was originally deemed to be a double exposure, but then someone discovered that the women didn't take any photographs of young children on that roll of film.

And here's my favorite, because it's the least likely one to have been faked (though I'm always open to any scientific explanation):

Taken in 1919, this ghost photo of a RAF squadron from World War One has an extra ghostly face in the picture. It is believed to be Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic who had been accidentally killed by an airplane propeller two days before the pic was taken. His funeral took place on the day the photograph was shot. Members of his air squadron recognized his face with ease and believe he must have shown up for the haunted picture, unaware he had passed. Freddy's ghostly apparition appears behind the airman in the top row, fourth from the left.

What do you think?


  1. I don't think any of us will know conclusively until we die.

    Which also poses a new set of problems.

  2. I could tell you some neat events that have happened to me. :)

  3. Awesome post! I have never seen a ghost but have heard a handful of firsthand ghost stories. I can't say if they are true, only that the people telling them certainly believed they'd experienced a haunting. One of the most chilling was that of a friend that heard frequent noises in the house that sounded child-like. Ball bouncing, even the sound of a dog's nails clicking on the wood floor. He began referring to the ghost as "Mary Beth". Later he and his roommates brought in a psychic to check the story out. She found record of a child named Mary Elizabeth that had died a violent death in the home many years prior. Mary Beth only appeared to my friend, and she often freaked him out. When he moved she came along. Eventually, the psychic persuaded her to leave him and to come along with her instead. When he told me this story, he said the last time he'd spoken with the psychic Mary Beth was still around.

  4. Wow, Hanna, thanks for taking time to post that! I love hearing stories from other people.

  5. I love ghost stories, even if they do give me chills.

    When I was 12, my parents bought a house from a woman who's husband had passed away. Her children had moved her to a nursing home because they thought she was having mental problems, she kept cooking for two and talking to her husband like he was still there. Turned out he was. I was the only one who actually saw him, but he liked to mess with my dad. He'd take dad's keys and hide them, he'd move stuff around the house, and he took my checkbook one time. I couldn't find it for 2 weeks, then one day it appeared on my computer keyboard where I had been sure I'd left it. After the lady we bought the house from passed away, I saw them both one time, then they both left. I still believe he was waiting on her.

  6. I've had a couple of experiences in my life that were unexpected, unexplainable, and positive in which this world appeared to have been impinged upon by somewhere else. I try to harbor a degree of humility and openness to the possibility, and am inclined to reject a dogmatic denial of the impossibility of the paranormal.

  7. I never wanted to believe in ghosts but have had several unsettling experiences. The most recent one was my roommates late wife. His current wife and I eventually convinced her to leave. Totally bizarre. I'll have to tell you the story sometime - it's a long one! She was very active!